Dr Vishal Madan

Consultant Dermatologist and Medical Director

GMC: 6036936


MBBS (Hons) – India 1997
MD Dermatology – India 2001
Addenbrookes’ Cambridge Medical Rotation – 2003-2005
Membership of Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) 2004
Specialist Training in Dermatology CCT, Manchester – 2009
Laser Fellowship – Manchester 2009
Mohs Micrographic (Skin Cancer) and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship – Cardiff 2010
Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) – 2013


British Medical Laser Association – President
British Association of Dermatologists
British Society for Dermatological Surgery
European Society for Laser Dermatology
Royal College of Physicians of UK
British Cosmetic Dermatology Group – ex-secretary
North of England Dermatology Society
UK Dermatology Trials Network
Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists

Dr Vishal Madan is a Consultant Dermatologist, Laser and Dermatological Surgeon, practising from Everything Skin Clinic™. Dr Madan specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all skin conditions. Being the President of the British Medical Laser Association, he is the leading skin expert with extensive experience in the laser treatment of rosacea, facial redness, blemishes, rhinophyma, cysts, birthmarks, acne including acne scarring. He has a special interest in skin cancer treatment, using Mohs Micrographic surgery; a specialized technique which is by far the best method of treating basal cell carcinomas or BCC’s.

As a fully trained reputable NHS and Private Dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, Dr. Madan offers quality advice on non-invasive treatments such as Dermal filler, including cheek fillers, lip fillers, nose fillers, temple fillers, and under eye fillers, as well as Chemical peels and Lasers, offering these services from Everything Skin Clinic™.
Dr Madan is fee assured by all major insurers including BUPA, AVIVA, AXA, Simply Health, Pru Health, Vitality, CIGNA. Many of his patients choose to self-pay, benefitting from transparent, low cost but high-quality consultations and skin treatments.

In 2018/2019, Dr Madan participated in Skin Camp at Khamaria, Jabalpur on behalf of Everything Skin Clinic. He says of the experience “ I was somewhat apprehensive in undertaking a skin camp in rural Khamariya. I have been out of India for 16 years and wasn’t sure what pathology I would encounter. But the desire to serve the people of Jabalpur was compelling. Thanks to Dr Rahul Shukla and his team who took care of the logistics, I was able to see 70 patients and distribute free medicines to them. I had not seen so much poverty in a very long time. Very humbling indeed, reminded me that we are so blessed to have what others can barely dream of. Giving back, in a small way felt like the best way to end 2018, and to welcome 2019. I feel more determined to return to serve the most underprivileged”

Dr Madan is the founder- director of Everything Skin Clinic™. His personal website is www.ukdermatologist.co.uk


Vitiligo: Loss of skin colour

Vitiligo: Loss of skin colour

This gentleman has had vitiligo which affected his confidence in a big way. He stopped swimming as the camouflage cream would wipe off and people would stare at his nose or ask him awkward questions. He came to see Dr Madan after hearing of the ReCell procedure. The results below are after 4 weeks of the procedure carried out by Dr Madan and 6 Excimer treatments.

Vitiligo Treatment | Everything Skin Manchester

Scars on the nose

Scars on the nose

Both patients had traumatic injuries leading to scarring on the nose. This affected their confidence. They both underwent laser treatment under the care of Dr Madan. This was carried out under local anaesthetic. The response to laser treatment is evident in after photographs.

Scar Revision Treatment | Everything Skin Manchester

Rhinophyma Treatment

Rhinophyma Treatment

Progressive thickening of skin of nose can leave a bulbous deformity of the tip of nose. People affected by this cosmetic disfigurement often suffer from low self- esteem. Whilst some people may choose to live with this condition, help is available as Mr BO’C from London discovered.


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