Case Study: Rhinophyma Treatment

How a 45 Minute Procedure Changed My Life

In 2015 I had a hysterectomy where I had my ovaries removed. Due to the hormonal change I started to notice a dramatic change in my skin. Over a period of two years I notice that the change of the shape of my nose had completely altered.

I was referred to the dermatology department to be diagnosed with Rhinophyma.

The change in my appearance had a terrible effect on my wellbeing. I became depressed and went from being a very outgoing, sociable person (my job as a hairdresser was also affected by my depression) to someone who didn’t want to socialise and became obsessed with looking in the mirror every minute possible.

During this time we were planning our wedding and although I was referred to the Laser assessment team by then, I knew I wouldn’t be able to have the treatment done before the wedding.

I did make the most of our wedding abroad but I chose not to have a professional photographer because I was so unhappy with my facial appearance.

I was referred to Dr. Madan for an assessment where he told me that he thought I would benefit from laser surgery. He explained the recovery process and after care in detail which did help me prepare for the recovery.

I had my laser treatment in October 2017. I was very anxious when I arrived for the treatment but the staff soon made me feel at ease.

The three weeks post surgery were difficult but exactly how it had been explained to me. The information sheet that was provided was very informative and helped my look after the area during the healing process.

It took exactly three weeks to the day for the last scab to come off. The change in the shape of my nose was immediate. The skin was soft and not as red as I expected.

I cannot explain how different I felt. Many friends and family had never commented on the gradual change in my nose but once I had had the surgery, it was apparent everyone had noticed the change but had been kind enough not to mention it as they knew I was very depressed about it.

I agreed to have some before and after photographs taken for training use but I thought I would also send you some of my own before and after photographs.

It is when I look at these before and after photographs that I realise how lucky I have been to have this wonderful life changing treatment. I cannot thank Dr. Madan enough. I have my confidence back again and it has changed my life.

This image was taken 14 years ago.

The photograph on the left was before the laser during surgery. The photograph on the right (darker hair) was taken 10 weeks post laser surgery.

This picture was taken during the first few days after laser surgery.


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