B5 Moisture Matte (DermaQuest Essentials)


Go beyond daily moisture and immerse your skin in B5 Moisture Matte. Crafted to hydrate while keeping your complexion balanced and beautiful. This oil-free blend uses the anti-inflammatory powers of Lilac Stem Cells, leaving skin pacified, softened and shine-free. Ideal for those with oily skin and/or acne concerns.

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Go beyond daily moisture and immerse your skin in B5 Moisture Matte. Crafted to hydrate while keeping your complexion balanced and beautiful, this oil-free blend uses the anti-inflammatory power of Lilac Plant Stem Cells, leaving skin softened, shine-free and mattified within minutes. Ideal for oily and acne skin types. Great for under make-up or alone, this versatile product lets you decide what to add. It goes on effortlessly, blends beautifully, and leaves a luminous, healthy skin glow.

Performance ingredients:

  • Evermat (Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract)
  • AC.Net (Anti-Acne blend)
  • Ferulic Acid (Anti-Oxidant)
  • Lilac Plant Stem Cell

Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris Leaf)

Advancements in stem cell technology continue to provide more powerful and effective marine derived and botanical plant stem cells and DermaQuest combines the latest generation of plant stem cells to reduce pigmentation, fine lines, and protect the skin from environmental damages. These plant stem cells contain all the active molecules of the plant to effectively address multiple areas of concern. Lilac Stem Cells have strong anti-inflammatory properties and help brighten and balance skin.

AC.Net (Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid)

A potent antioxidant found in the Creosote bush, NDGA reduces free radical damage in skin cells. It also has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects. Oily, congested and acne can benefit from Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid as it prevents the oxidation of the oil, (the reaction of oil with air causing it to darken into a blackhead).

Ferulic Acid

Found in the cell walls of plants such as wheat, rice, peanuts, oranges, apples, coffee and amaranth, Ferulic Acid is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available. It’s an effective protective cover against free radicals, actively seeking and destroying them. Fights wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.

5% Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, also known as HA, is a natural compound found in skin that has many important functions, including holding in moisture, providing cushioning, aiding in tissue repair, holding together the skin structural components collagen and elastin, and helping create a protective barrier against microorganisms. As we age, the HA production by the body decreases and replacement will result in a more youthful look.

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