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Protecting your Skin All Year Round : Radiation Damage

Three reasons to protect your skin every single day regardless of sun exposure.

Most people are aware of the damage that the sun can do to the skin but many are not aware of the harmful effects of UVA radiation on cloudy days and the effects of artificial light and computer screens on their skin.

UVA radiation causes photo-damage to your skin every day it is exposed to daylight regardless of the sun level. UVA radiation accounts for 95% of UV radiation, this radiation penetrates deep into the dermis of the skin and causes damage all year round. The problem with UVA radiation is that you don’t see the harm to your skin because it doesn’t burn or tan. Instead, it causes damage within your skin that permanently ages it. It can cause immediate pigmentation problems, loss of elasticity, structure, vitality and cellular breakdown etc.

Exposure to high-energy visible light and infrared-A from computer screens and artificial light can cause damage to your skin when indoors. Again you will not notice the damage as it takes place but over time it will lead to aging of the skin.

UVB radiation is damage from the sun and accounts for 5% of total UV damage. It penetrates to the epidermis (the top layer of skin) and can cause sunburn, skin cancer and DNA damage resulting in pigmentation such as freckles, sun spots and redness. It also causes lines and wrinkles.

There is no doubt that UV radiation and high-energy visible light cause visible aging to your skin. Protecting your skin with a broad spectrum UV protection cream and one that also included high-energy visible light defence can prevent further damage. Combining this with a carefully selected programme can help to combat the damage that your skin has already experienced.

A mole mapping analysis can determine the level of damage to your skin and treatments to repair and protect your skin from further damage can be put in place.