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Venous lakes, also known as phlebectasis or phlebectasia, are small blood vessels which over time have enlarged and widened. They appear as blue to black lumps, up to 1cm in size and are most commonly seen on the lower lips and on the rim of the ear. If the small lump is pressed, blood may drain out of it, causing it to disappear, but as soon as pressure is removed the blood returns.

The cause of venous lakes is unknown, however long term sun exposure and smoking have been associated with the condition. More common in older men, they are not contagious and are harmless, although if they are knocked they can become painful and bleed. They can look very similar to melanoma skin cancer so if you are worried about a skin lesion, is it important to get it checked by an expert.


Small venous lakes will respond to laser treatment such as the Nd: YAG or pulsed dye laser. This laser treatment works by targeting and heating up the blood, causing the vessel to shrink. Cold point cautery is an age old technique which is still very useful for removal of venous lakes. Freezing the venous lake results in swelling, blistering and crusting of the affected area which leaves a small pale scar.

We can discuss the various treatment options for venous lakes during your consultation.

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venous lake removal


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venous lake removal

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venous lake removal

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