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Cherry Angiomas are small blood blisters which appear on normal skin and are absolutely benign, they are not cancerous. Sometimes known as red moles, they are usually found on people over the age of 30 and seem to increase in size and number with age. The exact cause of these is unknown and there may be a genetic cause. They have also been linked to pregnancy, climate and medical conditions. They are red and circular in shape and very small, some can be flat to the skin and others slightly raised and are most often found on the torso, arms, legs and shoulders.

Although not a cause for concern, if they begin to bleed often, change in size, shape or colour then it is worth getting them checked by a doctor.

cherry angioma removal manchester

Laser treatment is highly effective in the treatment of these lesions. Both pulsed dye laser and Nd:Yag laser can be used for treating these lesions and work by using heat to destroy the lesion.

We don’t use cryotheraphy (freezing) to treat cherry angiomas as they can result in pigmentation problems.


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