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Angiokeratomas are small blood blisters that can be seen on the scrotum. Sometimes they can bleed and appear unsightly. They happen when tiny blood vessels (capillaries) dilate or widen near the surface of the skin. They can sometimes be mistaken for a rash or a sexually transmitted disease but they are usually harmless and don’t need to be treated.

They can look different in appearance, from small bumps 1mm in size to larger jagged patterns. They may feel thick or hard and can show up alone or in clusters of up to a hundred. They are dark in colour, typically ranging from red to blue, purple or black.

They can sometimes be a symptom of a rare genetic disorder called Fabry disease, so if you are worried, it is worth getting them checked by a dermatologist.

treatment for angiokeratoma of the scrotum

Angiokeratomas are typically harmless and don’t need treating unless you are experiencing pain or if they frequently bleed. Laser treatment is the best treatment for these lesions which work by destroying the dilated blood vessels that cause angiokeratomas.


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blood blisters on scrotum

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