Spider Vein Treatment at Everything Skin Clinic


Spider Vein Treatment at Everything Skin Clinic

Are you tired of constantly having to cover up your spider veins, or thread veins on the face with heavy make-up, or those on the legs with thick tights or trousers?

Spider veins are the nickname that is given to small red or blue tinged broken veins, thread veins or spider naevi; broken blood vessels that lie just under the surface of the skin. Spider veins are not the same as Varicose veins, which are painful and look thicker and more cord like. Spider veins can appear on the skin for many reasons, from exposure to the sun, hormonal changes, age, pregnancy, puberty, the menopause, injury to the skin, obesity, weight gain and certain medications.

Spider veins rarely pose a serious health problem, but if associated with Rosacea, they can sometimes be itchy, and uncomfortable or make the skin feel sensitive.

Spider veins can appear anywhere on the body, including the face and as the name suggests, spider veins can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whatever your reason for getting spider veins, if you like many of us, suffer from them and they are in an obvious place, whether it be on your body or your face, then no matter how large, or small your spider veins might be, at some point you will have considered, or will be considering what your options are for getting rid of them.

Laser and IPL treatments are non-invasive and relatively painless treatment options which are extremely effective at eliminating spider veins. Lasers work by giving out a short blast of light through the skin and onto the affected vein. The energy emitted through this light breaks down the targeted vein, which in time causes it to dissolve and fade. Results can often be seen on small spider veins immediately, however larger spider veins may require a few more treatments before they are completely eradicated.

The Everything Skin Clinic offers competitively priced, state of the art laser and IPL treatments for a variety of skin conditions which are carried out by experienced laser specialists. Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Mark Hudson Peacock, describes Laser treatments as being ‘safe, effective and non-invasive’ and the side effects as being ‘minimal – allowing the patient to return to normal activity practically straight away’.

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