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Everything you need to know About thread vein REMOVAL MANCHESTER

Facial thread veins, also known as spider veins, are small red or blue broken veins and blood vessels which lie just under the surface of the skin and appear as fine red lines. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can appear anywhere on the body but often in the face. They are extremely common in fair skin and although not dangerous, can be cosmetically distressing.

Facial thread veins can be features of rosacea or more commonly appear after chronic sun exposure. They can also be brought on by injury to the skin, weight gain and hormonal changes including pregnancy, puberty and menopause. These facial thread veins are very rarely a cause for concern, however if associated with rosacea, they can be itchy and make the skin feel sensitive.

Facial Thread vein removal IN Manchester

Fortunately, there are excellent treatments for facial thread veins which include:

  • KTP laser
  • Pulsed dye laser – both bruising and non bruising modes

Lasers work by producing powerful light. If the wavelength of the system is matched to a target colour (such as the red cells in blood), the energy of the laser is absorbed specifically by that target and minimally by the surrounding tissues. The laser delivers a series of focused energy pulses generating heat for very short periods of time; this closes down the thread veins, without perforating them. The collapsed veins are gradually dissolved and removed by the body’s immune system over several weeks following the treatment.

The laser is fired in short bursts at the thread veins. This feels like a hot pin-prick on the skin. During treatment the skin is cooled, which reduces this stinging sensation and a cooling gel is applied afterwards. The area treated may feel hot for 15 minutes or so after treatment and most patients will experience skin redness over the treated area which will fade over the next hour or so. Larger vessels treated with lasers will be immediately less visible than before the treatment. Fine facial veins can simply disappear at the time of treatment. There may be some redness and swelling or light crusting, this usually subsides within a few days. The number of treatments needed, will depend on the site and the extent of the affected area. Small veins on the face normally disperse just after 1-2 laser treatments at 6 week intervals.


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