Warts and Verrucae 

A wart is a contagious viral infection of the skin which is most commonly found on the hands or feet. It appears as a hard small nodule and some can be incredibly stubborn and often painful. Warts and Verrucae are very contagious and can be passed from one person to another or from one place on a person to another. Some people can be immune to the wart virus, so will not develop warts even if they are exposed to the virus.

Warts can appear on the feet as verrucas and due to the pressure of walking and standing, grown inwards rather than outwards. They can be painful because of their depth which can press on nerves in the foot. Most verrucas will die on their own within 1-2 years but some can last much longer and require treatment.

Warts and Verruca treatment

Common wart and verruca treatments such as home use wart paints or topical solutions may be a good initial choice and can work to treat the area. These treatments can kill off the skin that the virus is living in but can take many months of daily treatment and some warts can still remain.

Cryotherapy may also be a good option and can be very successful. Liquid nitrogen which is very cold is placed on the infected tissue to kill off the virus. Usually a course of treatment is needed. Despite these manoeuvres, warts may be stubborn and fail to improve.

For stubborn warts, pulsed dye laser has a high cure rate with the advantage of minimal if any scarring. Cantharidin paint and pulsed dye laser results in very good improvement however multiple sessions may be required. These lasers target the blood supply to the wart, heating up and sealing this blood supply so the wart cannot survive. One treatment is usually enough to kill the growth with little to no pain.

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