Freckles and lentigos are small pigmented areas on the face that are a result of pigment cell collections in the deeper layers of the epidermis. As they are superficial (in the context of the thickness of the skin) they can be easily improved or removed by laser treatment.

How can I get rid of my freckles?

Many techniques can work well to remove freckles and lentigos. However, it is so important to ensure that the diagnosis is correct. There have been instances of abnormal pigmented lesions being incorrectly diagnosed as freckles.

Treatments we offer for freckles include:


Lasers work by emitting a very strong light which is absorbed by the target tissue and converted into heat. This heat destroys the target, in this case the melanin which forms the freckle. All of this happens in a fraction of a second, meaning there is little time for the heat to affect any tissue nearby.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve applying a chemical solution to the surface of the skin to carefully remove the outer layers, making way for new healthy skin to shine through. They are most commonly used on the face and on the back of the hands and have been successful in removing freckles and pigmentation.

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