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The tear trough refers to the deep line that is often seen between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. This crease can cast a shadow below the eye resulting in a tired appearance and people often think it makes them look older than they are. Tear troughs become more noticeable with age as the facial tissues begin to lose volume and dark under eye circles appear.

A tear trough filler, or under eye filler, is a form of dermal filler which can be used to make tear troughs look less pronounced and the face appear more awake and youthful. They are effective in those who have sagging under the eyes and work to fill in the tear trough making the depth of the crease smaller and the skin look fuller and tighter.

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There are a number of benefits to under eye fillers to improve the appearance of tear troughs which make this treatment a popular choice for those looking to add volume to the under eyes:

  • Reduction in dark under eye circles
  • Fuller, tighter skin under the eyes resulting in a more youthful appearance
  • Painless procedure with topical anaesthetic applied to the injection site
  • Results lasting between 6-18 months
  • Little to no downtime following treatment
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Filler can be dissolved to reverse results if unhappy with the outcome


Consultation Fee – £50
This is redeemable against subsequent treatment booked during the consultation
Prices start from £250.

During your consultation for under eye filler in Manchester, your desired results will be discussed and your skin will be assessed so the practitioner is able to provide you with an accurate cost for the results you are looking to achieve.


Consultation with an aesthetic Doctor

Treatment conducted by an aesthetic Doctor

Top up treatments where required

As we age we lose volume under the eyes which results in dark circles, wrinkles, thinning skin and under eye hollows. Tear trough fillers work to treat these by replacing the volume lost and in turn lightening the eye area and reducing the amount of wrinkles. The skin quality is also improved as collagen production is boosted and the skin is hydrated from the inside.

Like other dermal fillers, a tear trough filler consists of hyaluronic acid which in this treatment are injected into the under eye area to increase volume and decrease indentations beneath the eyelids. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally in the body which stimulates the production of collagen to support areas that have lost volume or elasticity.

During your consultation, our aesthetic doctor will discuss with you the results you are looking to achieve and assess your skin to ensure the tear trough fillers are injected into the most appropriate areas to achieve your desired result. In this treatment they will work to make the trough look less pronounced and the face look more awake. Our experienced doctor will also ensure the results produced compliment your other facial features in order to achieve a natural looking enhancement.

Under eye fillers require no downtime but there is often some swelling, bruising and redness for a few days following treatment. Results will begin to appear straight away but it may take a few weeks to see the final results. You will likely be advised to avoid strenuous activity and sleeping face down for a few days.


Dr Mehreen Arshad MBChB, MPharm

Dr Mehreen graduated as a doctor in 2016. She developed a keen interest in aesthetics in 2017 and went on to train in advanced toxin and dermal filler treatments with Derma Medical. She is an experienced, accredited, and licensed aesthetics doctor and specialises in anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, facial rejuvenation, and skin booster treatments. Alongside her aesthetics career, Dr Mehreen is also a trainer for a prestigious and well recognised aesthetics academy, and she also continues to work within the NHS as a GP trainee doctor.


Antony Arcuri
Antony Arcuri
Mixed feedback for this place. I found Dr Madan very polite, kind and informative. I found the practice very clean and professional. I had 4 vbeam sessions to treat redness produced by an adverse drug reaction to a treatment provided by my GP. The results actually, were initially incredible. Complete remission of redness. Happiest man alive. Unfortunately the results were short lived and my issues returned within 2 months post procedures. This process was gradual, but I’d say after 6 months we were back to square one. For such a painful, expensive and time consuming process the long term results are very poor. So in a nutshell, great place, great dr, but the laser treatments from my experience aren’t very good in the long term. Repeated treatments would likely be a solution but at that price with that much downtime completely unrealistic.
Joanne Battersby
Joanne Battersby
Dr Madan is the best doctor I have ever seen. He cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to help. I felt comfortable and relaxed immediately. The Cheadle clinic is outstanding and all the staff there are the nicest people you could wish to meet. Outstanding clinic.
Great Clinic Stopped my Vertiligo on my forehead Thanks guys
Suchi Kumar
Suchi Kumar
I cannot thank Dr Vishal Madan enough for all his expertise and support during my treatment over past 8 months. He gave me hope when others turned me down. Not only he is one of the best in the field of Dermatology, he is an extremely caring and a polite gentleman. I have nothing but praise for him. After 8 months of laser treatment for severe pigmentation on my face and neck,I feel my self confidence returning. The improvement is phenomenal. No words can express my gratitude. Thank you so much. Dr Suchi Sanger
Jessica Millington
Jessica Millington
I came to see Dr Madan at Everything Skin on the recommendation of a family friend for the treatment of syringoma around my eyes. Dr Madan used CO2 laser to treat the lesions and I am absolutely delighted with the results! I can’t believe the difference that it has made and I only wish I’d made the decision to get them treated years ago. Dr Madan and his team are fantastic - they made me feel so welcome and answered all the questions that I had and put me at ease ahead of the treatment. I also felt confident leaving the clinic knowing what I needed to do to recover at home and knew that if I had any questions I could just contact the team for assistance. I would highly recommend Everything Skin clinic to anyone who is considering coming to see Dr Madan and his team. If I needed any other treatments in the future I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Dr Madan and team!
Shereena N
Shereena N
This clinic helped me clear my painful cystic adult acne with roaccutane privately as the nhs was such a long wait! It was very much worth the price and I recommend this place to anyone who has the same problem as me. I am so so grateful! Friendly receptionists, nurses and doctors! Everyone was so accommodating and I finally have my confidence back. Thankyou Dr McMullen.
Ben Ross
Ben Ross
Very professional service in a comfortable environment. My keloid scars have reduced in size and the redness is beginning to fade. More sessions required, however I was made fully aware of this in the consultation. Thank you for your efforts so far.
Paul O'Rourke
Paul O'Rourke
I recently had two excision's at the clinic and throughout the whole process from consultation, the procedure and aftercare was excellent. The staff were very friendly and professional which put me at ease with the procedures I was having. I was offered plenty of reassurance and alternate options were discussed. I would highly recommend Everything Skin Clinic.


When having non-surgical cosmetic procedures, it is vital that the person conducting the treatment is both qualified and experienced, as well as the facilities you are having the treatment in are clean and safe. By choosing Everything Skin Clinic to have tear trough fillers in Manchester, you can be sure of this.

Everything Skin Clinic has recently been inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is an independent regulator of all health and social care services in England. It monitors, inspects and regulates services to ensure that they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety. We are delighted that we received good ratings across the board, with some outstanding elements, meaning if you choose to have your under eye filler treatment in Manchester with us, you are in safe hands.


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