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Our team of highly-trained cancer specialists at Everything Skin Clinic in Cheadle, Manchester can help to ensure peace of mind when it comes to skin health. Our mole treatments go far beyond just visual assessments – we also combine this with specialised examinations, along with ongoing monitoring for any changes in moles or other areas of the skin that may indicate potential signs of melanoma. Sunlight and tanning beds are both primary causes of skin cancer, so it is important to check your skin regularly. If detected early, survival rates for melanoma are 100%, making regular checks an essential preventative measure. Take necessary action now and make sure you stay ahead of any potential risks – reach out to us today!


It is important to perform regular checks on your moles if you have a high risk profile for skin cancer, such as fair hair and skin, the use of sunbeds, many freckles or large moles, or a family history of skin cancer. It is recommended to check your moles once a month using both a hand held and full length mirror in a well-lit room. Assistance from another person may also be necessary when checking hard to reach areas like the scalp, soles of feet, and in between fingers and toes. Carefully observe any changes in size, colour, shape, itching, bleeding or crusting which could indicate an issue that requires further investigation with a visit to the doctor.

If you have a single mole which you are concerned about and would like to be checked by an expert, book in for a single mole check at Everything Skin Clinic. The mole in question will be scanned with a dermascope by a specialist nurse which will then be sent to one of our consultant dermatologists to be reviewed. If the consultant is concerned you will be invited into the clinic for further investigation. If you have more than one mole you are concerned about, we would recommend a full body mole check or full body mole mapping.

For the single mole check we cannot investigate moles which are located in an intimate part of the body, are on the eyelid or top of the ear, covered by an excessive amount of hair, are on a tattoo or are wet, open or bleeding. If you have any questions on this, please get in contact. If your mole or lesion requires further investigations, we may need to excise (remove) all or part of it to be assessed for cancer. Your specialist can advise during your appointment. Please note, single mole checks are not available at Stratum Dermatology Clinic Oxford.

If you have multiple moles on your body which you would like to be checked by an expert, book a full body mole check at Everything Skin Clinic with a consultant dermatologist. Your moles will be assessed and if your consultant is concerned with any of them and they require further investigation or treatment, this will be discussed with you. Our dermatologists are highly qualified, hospital based consultants who are all members of the British Association of Dermatologists, the Royal Society of Medicine, the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Physicians.

Full body mole mapping at Everything Skin Clinic uses state-of-the-art DermEngine to map your moles and provide a permanent record so any changes over time can be quickly identified and investigated. This system provides computer mapping of your entire skin and high resolution mapping of individual moles. The images taken will be analysed by a consultant dermatologist, mapped and recorded. The ability to compare images and identify changes in the appearance of moles makes it a highly accurate tool in identifying the development of skin cancer. As part of the mole mapping service, you will be provided with a record of your images so you can review them any time. You will be invited back for an annual review to check for any changes to your moles but of course if you notice any changes to your moles sooner you can make an appointment to get them checked.


We recommend an annual review of your moles to identify any changes which may have occurred since your last appointment. However those at risk of skin cancer might need to be seen more frequently than this. We will send you a reminder to book your annual check. If you notice any changes to your moles between appointments, please contact us to book a mole check appointment.

At Everything Skin Clinic, we are able to remove your mole if your consultant dermatologist is concerned, or if you would like it removed for cosmetic reasons. Your consultant dermatologist will discuss your options with you during your appointment if required.

It depends on your circumstances, family history and background. We recommend that you speak to one of our experts and they can suggest the best form of treatment for you.

It is a good idea to check your moles once a month, especially if you have lots of moles or freckles (particularly if some are large), have fair hair or skin, use sunbeds or have a family history of skin cancer.

When checking your moles, it is a good idea to use both a full length and a hand held mirror so you are able to check your body all over. Stand in a well lit room and ask a family member or your partner to help you check the hard to reach areas. Don’t forget to check less obvious places such as your scalp, the soles of your feet and in between your fingers and toes.

When checking your body for moles, you are looking for any changes to the size, colour of shape. You are also looking for itching, bleeding or crusting of moles which are signs you need to book an appointment to get your moles checked by a consultant dermatologist.

To find out more, read our blog on how to check your moles.



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WHY choose moles treatment from EVERYTHING SKIN CLINIC?


Dr Vishal Madan is a Consultant Dermatologist, Laser and Dermatological Surgeon, and the founder of Everything Skin Clinic™. Dr Madan specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all skin conditions.

Being the President of the British Medical Laser Association, he is the leading skin expert with extensive experience in the laser treatment of rosacea, facial redness, blemishes, rhinophyma, cysts, birthmarks, acne including acne scarring. He has a special interest in the detection and treatment of skin cancer , using Mohs Micrographic surgery; a specialised technique which is by far the best method of treating basal cell carcinomas or BCC’s.

At Everything Skin Clinic, we believe that there is no substitute for a full body mole check. Snap shots of individual moles may provide reassurance, but these should be combined with full body skin checks.

  • Consultant dermatologist led service
  • Full body mole examination
  • Suspicious moles can be identified and excised
  • All excisions by a trained skin surgeon
  • The mole check clinic relies on double reporting of all mole maps, reducing chances of ambiguity
  • Our mole checking service provides quick turnaround time for peace of mind
  • No waiting for weeks- if a mole needs removal, this can usually be arranged on the same day, nearly always within 5 days.


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